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Enrollment Fee

Here are the Enrollment Fees based on what you want as a Student! Note that Final Coaching is only available to those students who are enrolled in either Online Review or Self-Paced, If you want to enroll in our Face to Face Classroom, Please use the Contact Us Page 




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Final Coaching


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If you have Questions, you can use are FAQ’s to learn more about commonly asked questions in this website:

Upstep Review Center offers streamlined and curated review programs for the Licensure Examination for Agriculturists:

  • Classroom Review –
  • Online Review – 
  • Face to Face – 
  • Final Coaching – 

We cover all LEA Agriculture Exam Subjects: Crop Science, Soil Science, Crop Protection, Animal Science, Agricultural Economics and Marketing, and Agricultural Extension and Communication,

You may enroll until the first day of class or until all slots for the section have been confirmed, whichever comes first. We recommend that you reserve your slot as soon as possible to secure it.

We highly recommend the Online Review as this has the best results, with Live Instructors and interaction with fellow students. However, If you want to control your pace and have your own time and schedule, you can go with Self-paced Review

After the Live Online Class, all recorded videos will be uploaded on the website, You can then Login and Navigate to the Subject you want to watch, For Self-paced Students you already have canned videos so you can start as early as you want

We do Tagalog-English in our Online and Self-Paced Reviews, We highly encourage you also use this.

Students who miss any simulation or comprehensive exam will not be granted a makeup exam.

If you want to avail our Face to Face, Please Email Us at upstepreview@gmail.com,

you can also use our Social Media Sites:

Social Media
Website: https://upstepreviewcenter.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/upstepreviewcenter
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UpstepReview
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/upstepreviewcenter

Please contact the Bank or the Payment Channels that you have used to pay our Account, They should be able to help you on your payment problems.